Speeding, Turning & Right of Way Laws


Texas Transportation Code


Below you will find an index to the Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 545, Operation and Movement of Motor Vehicles. Many moving violations including SPEEDING are found in Chapter 545. 
The Subchapters are divided into Sections. Locate the Section you are interested in and click on the link to the Subchapter in which it is found to read the law. 
Example: For Speeding, click on the link to Subchapter H. SPEED RESTRICTIONS, Section 545.351, “Maximum Speed Requirement.”

Subchapter A. General Provisions

Section 545.001. Definitions
Section 545.002. Operator

Subchapter B. Driving on Right Side of Roadway and Passing

Section 545.051. Driving on Right Side of Roadway
Section 545.052. Driving Past Vehicle Moving in Opposite Direction
Section 545.053. Passing to Left; Return; Being Passed
Section 545.054. Passing to the Left: Safe Distance
Section 545.055. Passing to the Left: Passing Zones
Section 545.056. Driving to Left of Center of Roadway: Limitations Other Than Passing
Section 545.057. Passing to the Right
Section 545.058. Driving on Improved Shoulder
Section 545.059. One-Way Roadways and Rotary Traffic Islands
Section 545.060. Driving on Roadway Laned for Traffic
Section 545.061. Driving on a Multiple-Lane Roadway
Section 454.062. Following Distance
Section 545.063. Driving on Divided highway
Section 545.064. Restricted Access
Section 545.065. State and Local Regulation of Limited-Access or Controlled-Access Highways
Section 545.0651. Restriction on Use of Highway
Section 545.0652. County Restriction on Use of Highway
Section 545.066. Passing a School Bus; Offense

Subchapter C. Turning and Signals for Stopping and Turning

Section 545.101. Turning at Intersection
Section 545.102. Turning on Curve or Crest of Grade
Section 545.103. Safely Turning
Section 545.104. Signaling Turns; Use of Turn Signals
Section 545.105. Signaling Stops
Section 545.106. Signals by Hand and Arm or by Signal Lamp
Section 545.107. Method of Giving Hand and Arm Signals

Subchapter D. Right of Way

Section 545.151. Vehicle Approaching or Entering Intersection
Section 545.152. Vehicle Turning Left
Section 545.153. Vehicle Entering Stop or yield Intersection
Section 545.154. Vehicle Entering or Leaving Limited-Access or Controlled-Access Highway
Section 545.155. Vehicle Entering Highway from Private Road or Driveway
Section 545.156. Vehicle Approached by Emergency Vehicle
Section 545.157. Passing Authorized Emergency Vehicle

Subchapter E. Streetcars

Subchapter F. Special Stops and Speed Restrictions

Subchapter G. Stopping, Standing and Parking

Subchapter H. Speed Restrictions

Section  545.351. Maximum Speed Requirement
Section  545.352. Prima Facia Speed Limits

Subchapter I. Miscellaneous Rules



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