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Houston attorney Frank Svetlik assists seaman from around the world in receiving their unpaid wages. 

Contact Houston lawyer Frank Svetlik if the ship owner or second registry owner has stopped paying your seaman wages for more than four months.  Don’t be the victim of unscrupulous owners who don’t pay their seamen.

If you will be in the Port of Houston in the near future, Attorney Frank Svetlik can assist you.  Call today:

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Houston Maritime Lawyer

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Questions you should ask a Houston Maritime Lawyer:

What is his or her legal experience in Maritime Law? How many years has he or she been practicing law in the United States Federal Courts? How many Maritime cases like yours has he or she handled in the United State Federal Courts?

A Maritime attorney will also have many questions for you. The lawyer will want to know the facts surrounding your Maritime case in detail.

Questions a Maritime Attorney will have for you:

How many months of wages are you owed?  Have your allotments been paid?  Is your ship currently in the Port of Houston?  When is your ship going to leave the Port of Houston? If you are not in the Port of Houston at his time when will your ship arrive?

Where is the Court?

United States law provides foreign seaman many protections under United States Maritime Law.  Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States of America and the second largest port in the United States of America.  The Port of Houston is the Home of a United States District Courthouse.

Important Protections you will have:

It is important that you know that if your ship is in a United States port, you cannot be put off your ship for demanding to be paid unpaid wages.  You cannot be blacklisted (no interference with your future employment).  Before your ship leaves a U.S. Port, you can be repatriated and go home.  Your repatriation expenses must be paid entirely by the vessel.  You have many other protections. Contact lawyer Frank Svetlik to learn more.

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